Since I was a child, I have always been inspired by robots. Back then, I dreamt of a real companion robot that would support me as a young boy (playing with me, cleaning my room or doing my homework).

This idea never left me, and with the help of my passionate team of engineers and roboticists I was able to make this dream a reality. What I once imagined in my room as a child has come to life: an assistant robot that supports humans in every way possible.
With Buddy, we make technology disappear in favor of an endearing and engaging character.

 Rodolphe Hasselvander, Founder of Blue Frog Robotics

Rodolphe Hasselvander and Buddy by Blue Frog Robotics


Blue Frog Robotics exists to create “Robots for Good’ that embody Emotional Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive significant positive impact on major social issues: Education, Inclusion of vulnerable people and Ageing population.  

Buddy Time Laps by Blue Frog Robotics

Using AI technologies, computer vision, natural language processing, and gesture controls, we are changing the way social robots are used for interacting with humans and improving humans well- being. 

Buddy Sketch concept by Blue Frog Robotics

With his advanced AI intelligence, Buddy is able to sense his surroundings, avoid static and dynamic objects and communicate with humans.  

With his multi-purpose brain, Buddy addresses a broad range of needs such as assisting elderly care, educating children, supporting children with special needs, entertaining guests and finally just being a true robot friend.  

Buddy is a disruptive innovative robot that is about to revolutionize the lives of millions of people.  


Buddy by numbers from Blue Frog Robotics

At Blue Frog Robotics, we believe robots to be the next technological revolution, perhaps the most important in our lifetime. Like steam, electricity, and computers, robots will be a big part of our future and will transform the way humans engage with machines. 

The consumer robotics industry is a promising field. From a global perspective, the market for personal robots is growing much faster than expected. By 2025, the market will reach $41 billion worldwide. Much of the accelerated growth is coming from an almost universal enthusiasm for consumer robotics associated with an increased needs for smart, education & STEM and entertainment robots.  

With the advent of connected objects, the automation and virtual assistants, there is no doubt that in a few years, all businesses and then all households will have their personal robot, just like the PC and smartphone have become essential in our daily lives. 

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