Introducing the BUDDY SDK

We are pleased to introduce you the SDK and 3D Simulator for BUDDY.

As requested by our developers and partners, the Blue Frog team has put together a video for you to see what it’s going to be like to program your own BUDDY!

In this video, Jean-Michel Mourier, CTO of Blue Frog, will take you through the main features of our SDK and how to get started. Watch the video to learn how to start creating your BUDDY apps. Discover also how ONE POINT, one of our first Alpha partners to have a BUDDY prototype, is using the SDK to develop apps for their internal use and their customers.
Hopefully you’ll get a flavor just how simple it would be to develop applications for your BUDDY.

Indeed, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of what the BUDDY SDK is shaping up to look like and get you thinking about it because we are excited to announce you the launch of the beta phase of BUDDY SDK for our early supporters in the coming weeks.

We are really excited to see what kind of apps you’re going to build on top of the SDK!