Mitigating Stress, Anxiety, and Pain with the Help of Companion Robots

Buddy, The Emotional Robot

Advances in research and health care delivery have reduced mortality from diseases and extended life expectancy in developed countries.

However, there is still an emotional cost to chronic diseases, long-term treatments and hospitalization for patients. Patients with repeated hospitalizations often experience physically and emotionally stress, as well as a sense of powerlessness. Studies show that kids and elders can benefit psychologically and socially from the reliable and friendly help of a smart and emotional robot to better cope and live with these vulnerable emotionally challenging circumstances.

There’s something important and almost magical about a robot. Children will be much more open to them. It makes a difference in their care.

Because love is a precondition for acceptance between humans and machines, the emotional character of Buddy creates an empathetic link with patients, making him a perfect health robot companion to support hospitalized children and aging patients with chronic, catastrophic or recurring illnesses.

As a caring guardian, during and after the hospitalization, Buddy helps patients to engage in their healthcare practices, improve their emotional health and reduce their anxiety at the bedside, postoperative & in clinical settings.