From Hospital Monitoring to Home Monitoring, How Companion Robots Help.

Buddy, The Emotional Robot

Healthcare’s digital Revolution is changing the relationship between patients and their carers. The robot Buddy helps people to cope with specific diseases including chronic ones. Programmed to understand human interactions and respond accordingly, he becomes a healthcare mobile assistant and a valuable help for carers. The use of emotional and smart robots helps medical professionals in their practice of medicine. Versatile by nature, thanks to his platform, multiple sensors, and artificial intelligence abilities, Buddy is able to take more jobs around the hospitals and healthcare.

Observance, Communication, Customization

Buddy helps in sharing health care information with patients and encourage therapeutic adherence to treatments.

He also facilitates the follow-up care for children and eldercare people at homes, the following hospitalizations or while living with chronic illness.

He can help soothe the nerves of traumatized patients, especially children, and help them open up to care providers. He can be programmed to address the needs and improve outcomes of kids and individuals in the hospitals or home environments; and to produce data reports for carers to benefit long term learning and development possibilities, augmenting the abilities of the human.

He can also improve the efficacy of therapies by enabling the shift from a one-size-fits-all approach to one of the custom therapies tailored to individual patients via Buddy‘s customized services aligned with the needs, wants, and personalities of the patients.

Prevent, Predict, Mitigate

Buddy technology helps to replace hospital monitoring with home-based monitoring. Used as a telemedicine resource, Buddy acts as a “remote / diagnostic“ robot, increasing physician’s capabilities, and productivity. He allows doctors to look after patients virtually and monitor the patient’s health status by accessing their information despite not being physically with them. Studies show that primary care telemedicine produces high patient satisfaction. Patients identified convenience, efficiency, communication, privacy, and comfort as the primary benefits of video visits.

Finally, designed with the preventive approach in mind, Buddy can also detect health anomalies, falls or dangers that can impact patient health, helping to prevent fatalities and mitigate potential risks.

Blue Frog Robotics as a robotics, automation, and AI company has identified new technological solutions that fit the health needs for quality care and profitability. The company has started partnering with health organizations including home care facilities and autism services for children to develop efficiency and effectiveness in their healthcare processes, all with patients at the center of the innovation.

We believe that Buddy and its emotional, interactive and scalable robotic technology dedicated to senior assistance will enable us to offer unique services that meet the needs of users, caregivers and professionals. Fabrice Flottes De Pouzols, CDO at KORIAN (Nursing care facilities company)

The primary objective of Buddy is to help people to cope with specific diseases including chronic ones. As a robotic assistant for doctors and carers as well as for the patients, he makes medical carers’ lives easier and increase patient outcomes.