Our First BUDDY Hackathon

Blue Frog’s team was excited to welcome some of our early supporters to our first Hackathon, taking place last 18-19th June weekend.

Participants from all over Europe (UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria) and the four corners of France came to Blue Frog’s office to experience the BUDDY SDK and meet BUDDY himself. One participant even flew in all the way from Canada!

Indeed, the excitement of some participants for BUDDY started well before the date of the event as they’ve been exchanging ideas for a while about the future of BUDDY. But, it was for them the first time to all meet together in real life just outside the BUDDY’s Fan group : Friends of BUDDY.


Rodolphe Hasselvander, CEO of Blue Frog, kicked off the event with a welcome speech and presentation about the enhancements of BUDDY such as adding a speaker in front, just behind the “B” logo, to deliver a much pure, more powerful sound, both for the voice of BUDDY as to experience music.

Rodolphe then handed over to Jean-Michel Mourier, CTO of Blue Frog, who walked the participants through an overview and hands on of the SDK.

Thanks to this training session, the participants were ready for a warm-up around a brainstorming. BUDDY, through a “roulette” app (like a Las Vegas slot machine) set randomly 3 conditions for each team to develop an application that they had to pitch.

It was a good appetizer to attack the next ultimate coding phase, just after a generous buffet!

Hack Your BUDDY

The teams were given the freedom to come up with the smartest ideas possible around moving, orientation, interaction with and recognition of the environment.
For 24 hours, the teams worked hard to show what they could do, exchange with mentors and had some fun of course in the evening (e.g. : a drones’ contest).
At the end, the four teams had to make a pitch of their app and/or features and also a demonstration with a BUDDY.

Team “Roam, BUDDY, Roam, BUDDY”

Proposed to get BUDDY to free roam by any room, recognize and avoid obstacles, recognize and react on a person and/or a specific obstacle.

Team “IAI” (Friends of BUDDY)

Proposed an application to help parents to bring kids into bed with a smile

⦁    Parents define list of tasks to be done at bed time
⦁    BUDDY executes task in sequence and interacts with the kids
⦁    BUDDY rewards kid for each step successfully done (bed time stories, dance…)

Team “Edutag”

Proposed an interactive multiplayer QR card game where BUDDY’s context and behaviors (e.g. emotions, expressions) are adapted by QR instructions (commands or questions) discovered by BUDDY while he seeks encounters with people or QR objects.

Team “Home Navigation”

Proposed a solution to allow BUDDY to move in a familiar space and know which are the rooms and where they are, by auto-scanning and generating a 2D map of the environment and asking his family to flag each room.


We adopted the approach of “everyone’s a winner” and, at the end we offered to all participants to be part of the Alpha SDK users group.
During these two days, it was great for Blue Frog Team to see the SDK and BUDDY being used by some of our early supporters and amazing to observe how teams and ideas were formed. This hack demonstrated us that bringing together people with different views and skills, and giving them the resources (SDK and 3D simulator) to collaborate, they could realize some very nifty apps in a remarkably short amount of time.

Congratulations to all teams for the work and effort they put in! We’re looking forward to our next Hackathon!

Relive some of the best moments that have made this Hackathon on the #HackYourBuddy hashtag on Twitter.


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