Innorobo Review

On May 24-26th, Blue Frog attended Innorobo, which is the only event in Europe 100% dedicated to robotics and disruptive innovations.
We took the opportunity to showcase some use cases of consumer and professional applications developed by our partners, SOMFY and the ONE POINT, based on our Alpha SDK.
⦁    SOMFY showcased a proof of concept where you can control your lights and shutters by simply asking BUDDY.
⦁    ONE POINT showcased some Business Office use cases around welcoming guests / visitors, animation and interaction with collaborators passing by BUDDY and adapting his behavior and answers according to their mood through various means of expressions.

Last but not least, we announced two partnerships with SOMFY and HOOMANO.

⦁    SOMFY and BLUE FROG have joined forces to bring their customers an intuitive, entertaining way of controlling their Tahoma-connected homes, with BUDDY the companion robot. This means that all Tahoma’s functional richness can be voice-activated by anyone, anywhere in the home. With its flexibility and ease of use, this exciting experience has no parallel on the consumer market.

⦁    HOOMANO adopted BUDDY to develop use cases for business. Therefore, the BUDDY will benefit of their CMS (content management system) allowing him to connect to the platform application already deployed on other robots. So BUDDY will be well able to fulfill various missions interacting with visitors in many fields such as Retail, banks, services, transportation, and hospitality.

We thank everyone who stopped by our booth to visit us.
We love how everybody like to hold BUDDY differently when taking a photo with him. But at the end, everyone treats him like an human being at the end.  Here are a few of our favorite BUDDY portraits :

We’ve rounded up below a collection of coverage we had at Innorobo.

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DOMOTIQUE INFO : BUDDY, le prochain compagnon de votre domicile ?
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LA DOMOTIQUE POUR TOUS : Somfy et Blue Frog s’associent
VENTURE BREAK : BUDDY: The companion robot accessible to everyone


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