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VIDEO: “This little guy has R2-D2’s versatility but with Wall-E’s emotive abilities”

– Andrew Tarantola, Engadget

VIDEO: “Buddy is a really, really, ridiculously cute family robot”

– Lucas Matney, TechCrunch

VIDEO: “Buddy the robot protector looks like R2-D2’s first cousin”

– Stephen Beacham, CNET

VIDEO: “Buddy robot snubs creator”

– Dan Simmons, BBC news

VIDEO: “Buddy the robot is ‘more useful than an iPhone’”

– Anthony Cuthbertson, International Business Times

“Buddy whisks around on wheels and casters while JIBO, another social robot option, swivels harmlessly on your desk or floor”

– Dominic Basulto, The Washington Post

“Buddy marks an advance in the progression of agents from Siri to Amazon Echo, as it moves and interacts proactively”

– Ross Rubin, Venture Beat

“Rolling Buddy robot may just kill you with cuteness”

– Lance Ulanoff, Mashable

BUDDY is the revolutionary companion robot that improves your everyday life. Open source and easy to use, BUDDY protects your home, entertains your kids, & helps you stay connected with the ones you love.
Not content with being just a companion, BUDDY is also democratizing robotics. BUDDY is also democratizing robotics. BUDDY is an open-source technology platform for developers.

Open source and easy to use, BUDDY protects your home, entertains your kids, & helps you stay connected with the ones you love.

BUDDY is the brainchild of Rodolphe Hasselvander.

Before founding BLUE FROG ROBOTICS and building BUDDY, Rodolphe was the Executive Director for CRIIF – a private research laboratory in robotics – for almost a decade. His research led him to the field of sophisticated robots & Artificial Intelligence for professional application, in areas such as security, construction, surgery and personal assistance.

Rodolphe’s fascination with robots bloomed in childhood. After watching movies like Star Wars, he became convinced that one day, we will all have our own R2D2 at home.

Time progressed and the world still woefully lacked R2D2’s for the family. Rodolphe decided to take matters into his own hands and created a product for the mass market. He used advanced technologies to build a robot that offered real, humanlike help and services. And crucially, at an affordable price.

And so, BUDDY – the world’s first companion robot available to all – was born.

Here at Blue Frog Robotics, we believe that an awesome team is the key to an incredible project.

In addition to our core team, we have partnered with industry experts, notably with Jabil Circuit Inc. (JBL), the third largest global Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company based in US ($15.8 billion FY14 Revenue).

Now we’re excited to build a product that can change the way people interact with robots.


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