Designing Good Robots
for People



Blue Frog Robotics exists to create smart robots with a smile that benefit everyone around them. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, computer vision, natural language processing, and gesture controls, we are changing the way personal robots are used in homes.

By understanding how consumers want tech to free them from the tedious tasks and offer them an opportunity to focus on what matters, we have innovated a personal robot that benefits everyday people’s lives. With some of the brightest and respected minds in robotics, artificial intelligence and engineering, we invented Buddy, an affordable, intelligent and emotional robot, offering his owners a reliable, robust and fun companion.

With his Advanced AI intelligence, Buddy is able to sense his surroundings, avoid static and dynamic objects, understand emotions, and communicate with humans, This allows him to seamlessly move in homes and to make informed decisions in real time, thereby enabling him to be fully autonomous.

With his multi-purpose brain, he addresses a broad range of needs in modern-day life such as: keeping a home safe, carrying out his owners‘ daily activities, helping people with disabilities, educating children, entertaining guests and finally just being a true robot friend. Buddy is a disruptive innovative robot that is about to transform the way we live, learn, utilize information, play, and even care for our health.


Tech  For Good


Because We Care

As a consumer centric company our clients are the voice of our company and we therefore believe in the following core values: friendship, consumer development and constant technological improvement.

Rodolphe Hasselvander fondateur et PDG de la start up Blue Frog Robotics, concepteur du robot domestique Buddy, robot compagnon grand public

It is all about solutions

We value the Entrepreneurial spirit, a climate in which anyone can take the initiative and assume responsibility. It’s important to focus on the solution, not the problem.


You are in Good Hands

With Buddy nothing is done without your awareness. We believe in full transparency and clarity. Your buddy is not our buddy. You are in control of your own buddy not the other way around. This is why we have taken the initiative to create a platform for Buddy owners to better understand and be in charge of their friendly helper the way they choose.

It’s All in the Team

We are Makers, with plenty of motivation to create, help other people, test new possibilities , and learn. We are above all patient and curious. This is why our robot will be the best robot it can be.

Want to Join the Team?


It’s all about trust and partnerships. You can achieve anything with the right group of people. Collaborations with global partners are at the core of what we want to create and a key to success.

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